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A Gathering Storm

in Ruins

The Great Event - Words that roll off the tongues of all people in Solaris. With disgust, fear, contempt, interest, or wonder. Only remnants of such a time endure. Massive structures broken to their roots leave only rubble in their wake. Others stand untouched by time, yet inaccessible to the present. Questions from inquisitive minds linger. Most see only decay and wreckage. Unsolvable riddles that should be forgotten and left to rot. Few others look for answers with fascination at a lost civilization, a time ground to ruin. Who were they? What were they capable of? These ancient places stir the imaginations of some to adventure and discovery.


Solaris is saturated with diverse life… Yet nothing seen in the depths of the forest, nor the bleakness of the desert compares to the myths of creatures lost to time. Bards, travelers and philosophers alike weave fantastical tales of unimaginable creatures. Suddenly, without explanation, legends come to life. Could the creature’s appearance reveal a deep and ancient history that is veiled just beneath the surface? And does this news have the potential to alter the balance of the world?

Storms on the Horizon

Jarls of every city and town work to carve out a life within the wild and unpredictable regions of Solaris. They lead their people with justice and a vision of stronger and safer people. Yet, a struggle remains between civilization beginning to thrive and extending law and order to the remote places of Solaris. Places where the Dragon Clan gathers strength. Uncertainty brews as time continues to relentlessly march on.

Lucas Fischhaber

Inspiring Novelist and Published Author

Lucas Fischhaber holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a M.S. in the same field from Idaho State University.  He is a proud veteran, former Army Captain, and nuclear thermal rocket engineer who currently works in the nuclear power industry. 

Appreciating a good story, he set out to create an experience by crafting an imaginative novel for his kids to enjoy as they get older, and for others to be inspired by.  He works diligently to expand the world of Solaris while writing the second book.  Most precious to him are his faith, beautiful wife of 14 years, and three amazing kids.  Like the traveling Bard of Solaris he lives on the gratitude of his audience.

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